Act 3, Scene 5

Location: Juliet’s Bedroom

Time: Very early Tuesday morning

Character’s: Juliet, Romeo, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Nurse

Events: Romeo enters into Juliet’s room and they talk for a while. Romeo them has to leave quickly as he has been banished. They kiss and then he leaves. Lady Capulet enters the room and she asks how Juliet is doing. Juliet says she is still weeping but Lady Capulet says she has joyful news! She says she will be married to Pairs on Thursday at the church. Juliet says she is too young to marry and does not want to. Capulet then comes into her room and Juliet asks him to put off the marriage. Capulet gets very angry and starts to threaten Juliet and calls insults her. He says she is wimpy and that is she doesn’t marry him she can go live on the streets. Capulet gets too angry and leaves the room, so does Lady capulet. Juliet asks the Nurse for advice and she she says to marry Paris as he will always be there for her. Juliet gets angry at the Nurse and says she would rather end her life than marry Paris.

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