Act 4, Scene 2 and 3, 4

Location: Capulet’s House

Time: Tuesday Afternoon

Characters: Capulet, Mother, Lady Capulet, Nurse, Servingman

Events: The 2 Capulets are discussing preparations for Juliet’s Wedding and then Juliet enters the room. Juliet lies to Capulet and says how she was being stubborn and she will marry Paris as soon as possible. They then move the wedding to Wednesday and Juliet invites the Nurse into her room to decide what to wear for the wedding. Juliet then says she needs some time to pray (she needs time to drink the vial) and the Nurse leaves. Juliet is very scared and a lot of bad scenarios start forming in her head. She then drinks the whole vial and falls on her bed. The next day the nurse is calling for her and she doesn’t come, she calls and calls then eventually goes up to get her. She finds her (asleep) what she thinks is dead and starts to weep and shout. Both the capulet’s come in and weep with the Nurse. Paris arrives and also start to weep.

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