Act 4, Scene I

Location: Friar Lawrence’s Cell

Time: Tuesday Morning

Characters: Friar Lawrence, Paris, Juliet

Events: Friar and Paris are talking about Juliet and Paris brings up how Juliet is being weak with weeping so much. Paris says Juliet’s dad is smart for doing the marriage quick as it will end her weeping and if he is with her, they can love each other. Friar seems uncertain on this idea and Juliet enters the room. Paris greets her calling her his wife and how he loves her but she keeps dodging the love statements with “That may be sir, when I may be a wife”. Paris kisses Juliet then leaves and Juliet sits down with Friar. Juliet says if he parents make her marry Paris she will use a knife (in her hand) and end her life. She begs for a better solution and Friar comes up with one. He gives Juliet a packet of vial which she should mix with alcohol tomorrow night. It will make her look dead and she will be in a deep sleep so she won’t have to marry Paris. She will then wake up from pleasant sleep

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